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Getting All Your Entertainment From IPTV:

Being off the main grid usually means that your TV/Entertainment options become limited.. but they don't need to be.

As the carriers usually bundle TV with Internet, this means that if the internet in your area is not sufficient, then you won't get TV either. Since TV has now become a 'digital commodity', it can be sourced from more places than ever before. 

MTel now provides a solid IPTV solution that's been out in the market for years providing over 300 channels from all the top TV sources, Plus Free legacy movies. 

These new TV boxes are typically Android-based, meaning they have the power to combine TV & apps for games, music and more - all to your big screen. Your home entertainment system comes complete with an 'Air-mouse' for remote interactivity. 

So If you have a decent net connection but hurting for TV options, this is a great option for you and your family. 

Hurting for Internet?  Talk with MTel about options for using your IPTV Bar on wired or broadband 'wireless' connection. 

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