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Saying Goodbye to Your Data Plan?

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

In the age of do-it-yourself phone plans, carriers have provided more than enough mix n match options than ever before. But do we ever ask why we need it all?

Would it change your thinking on the data expenditure of your plan - IF you had Wifi at the office, home, cafes, wherever you normally need it.. Or wherever you could go in your town?!

The math of it? The average data plan is $40 - $80/month, depending on your options. That could go a ways to financing a lot of other things in your life, or pay other bills.

Also, that data costs you whether you use it or not - and actually represents a liability to you if you go over!

If you could have Wifi anywhere you go, would you still pay the carrier for cellphone data? 

Also, what if you could get carrier data ONLY as needed when you left your town - and not have to pay monthly? 

Makes you re-think things in 'The Connected Town'!

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