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MTel Networks / MTel Wireless:
Let us Boost Your Connectivity & Entertainment Experience!
Which Of These Is You?
A. Satisfied with your 'wired' connection, but seeking a good TV option?
B. Unsatisfied with you wired connection, and seeking to upgrade?
C. Seeking an upgrade to connectivity & TV?
NOW Get IPTV even through your current DSL connection. 
  Up to 300+ channels, PVR, Apps-games on TV & Free movies & more!
Get 25Mbps Wireless Broadband for as little as $75.00/month,
  Bundle with IPTV for
NOW Get 35Mbps+ or Faster on Wireless Broadband!
Mobility: Get a Home plan that provides you Wifi-mobility around your whole town!
Get a Free month on a 12-month account sign-up. 


Coming Soon:
Go Mobile, Anywhere in Town!
Take your Home account with your anywhere!
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Put Your TV On Steroids!

Get the most important TV accessory for your family and unlock the power of IPTV streaming!

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