Frequently-asked Questions

Will MTel be offering high-speed Internet, TV and mobile wireless coverage in my small town?

Yes. We are expanding our network coverage on a town-by-town basis, according to demand. Once the town network is in place, residents and businesses will be able to choose home or mobile Internet service—or both! In either case, customers will have the option to add IPTV service, all available on one account.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is an acronym for Internet Protocol Television. Each customer may select from the 300+ TV channels that are available through the TV-Bar, and via the connectivity from MTel's broadband network access point instead of by cable TV (e.g. Shaw) or Digital Subscriber Link (DSL) (e.g., Telus).

How can MTel offer mobile phone service here? There are no cell towers that provide coverage in my town.

Using similar technology to the way that TV channels are made available over the Internet with IPTV (see previous question), phone calls are handled via Wi-Fi. Given the appropriate level of demand, MTel will install its own proprietary IP network to service mobile users throughout your community—the "Connected Town" concept. To make this work with devices like a mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer, MTel supplies a either an AC-powered or small wireless mobile router that converts the LTE to wi-fi for your mobile devices that talk to MTel's town network. Even though you may be visiting a different part of your town, your mobile router will draw on the network as provided by your home or business account.

Do I need a new phone number or can I keep my existing number?

You can keep your existing phone number and the phone will work as usual when you use regular cell coverage.

My Internet service works just fine but I don't have good TV. Can I just get the IPTV service?

You'll need at least the Basic MTel Internet service level to install our IPTV at home and we recommend our Turbo Internet service for mobile use. The good news is that, if you compare our prices with other providers, you'll probably find that—if you can get service from them at all—you'll pay more to our competitors and be required to commit to a longer agreement than with MTel.

Our town doesn't have Internet service at all! Can MTel help us?

Our RF engineers can investigate whether we can create a point-to-point link to the nearest backhaul Internet access point or install 'Mini-towers' to bring a 4G/LTE private cellular broadband network into your town. We'll evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis to determine whether it is economically and technically feasible to set up your own town network.