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About Us


Users in smaller, remote towns often encounter slow speeds, blackout areas and poor coverage that severely restrict communications and entertainment choices.

That's why we've been developing Internet, wireless-mobile and cellular services — specifically for small communities.


MTel Networks is an Internet and telecom service provider of wireless, mobile, cellular LTE products and network/IPTV solutions.  We have the expertise to deliver great improvements in the scope and levels of service for residents, visitors and businesses at costs similar to those enjoyed by customers in larger, metropolitan areas.


Our goal is to provide cost-effective coverage and licensed TV content that are reliable and fast.

MTel Networks / MTel Wireless: 


We operate as both ISP & Wireless deployer

 • We can take over your regular DSL line and lower cost by at least 20%!


Bringing Internet where there isn't very good internet: 

 • We can even bring Hi-speed wireless broadband to replace your sketchy landline!


300+ TV Channels & Free Movies: 

Our IPTV Box can bring you all the TV channels you need to immerse yourself in Prime-Time New, Sports and All the Specialty channels you need!

Check out the IPTV Offerings:

Not Getting enough Speed or Reliability? 


With our own wireless broadband connection, we can deliver more

reliability, Higher-speed, Less shared.. More dedicated Connectivity!

...AND Mobility outside of your home. 


All ingredients of a superior consumer experience!

How Satisfied Are YOU With Your Current Connectivity & Entertainment? 

Take a 2-min Survey and Be Entered to Win a Free month of Internet/TV Service. 

*Take Our Survey  

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