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Your Town—Connected

In the spring, MTel Networks will begin rolling out a new type of town-wide hi-speed wireless 4G/LTE network which will be able to connect all residents and businesses.. Inside & around town as well! 


High-speed broadband cellular transmission between tower and MTel's pocket LTE-router for mobile communications around your town.

The new network is comprised of high-speed broadband transmissions that can only be picked up by MTel's own pocket LTE-routers, or desktop units, both of which are a part of your home network account.

  • Use for home or business, entertainment, movies or IPTV; at home or on the go!

  • One monthly rate that covers you for home and mobile use!

Once completed, the new network could supplement or replace your home DSL connection. 

#7 indoor router.jpg

MTel's desktop router for home or office use

1st half.jpg
2nd half.jpg

For Home, Office and Mobility around Town

  • All on one account—your home account!

  • One monthly payment 

  • If you pay for cell data on your mobile device used primarily in town, you may wish to give your cell-plan budget a re-think. 

Home/Office Use:

  • Place router anywhere for best access.

  • Share with up to 10 users/devices, inside or outside the building.

  • No cabling, no installation, no technician and no activation fees. 

  • No wait time. Just order and receive your router in the mail, pre-activated and ready to turn on and start using!

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